Brewers Cup -kilpailijaesittelyssä Levi!

Brewers Cup -kilpailija 2018:


Levi Emanuel De Sousa Nascimento

Where you work/the place you represent?
– I work in Cafetoria Roastery.

Why are you competing?
– I think it will be a great experience to grow more as a Barista.

What got you into coffee?
– First I was just looking for a part time work and a friend that is a barista got me a small job to help in the coffee shop. With time I started to fall in love with specialty coffee. A bit later my boss took me to my first Helsinki coffee festival and there I realized I want to follow this world of coffee. This happened more less 4 years ago.

The best coffee memory?
– My first Helsinki coffee festival.


Tule seuraamaan Brewers Cup -kilpailua Helsinki Coffee Festivaleille Kaapelitehtaalle! Semifinaalikierros käydään ammattilaispäivänä perjantaina 20.4. ja finaalit nähdään sunnuntaina 22.4.



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