Brewers Cup -kilpailija 2019: Levi Emanuel De Sousa Nascimento


The organization you represent
– Cafetoria Roastery.

How does coffee influence in your life?
– Coffee is part of my life. Having a good coffee can make your day better.

What does competing bring to your profession/hobby/passion?
– Is a nice way to learn more of yourself and coffee. Of course also you have the chance to meet baristas with same passion than you and that’s great.

What is the most memorable moment where coffee was involved?
– Maybe my first cupping or the first time I was in the world coffee festival.

Your favourite place to drink coffee?
– Home with my wife in the weekend.

How do you drink your coffee on a Sunday morning?
– Depends on the mood, but normally is some kind of filter coffee.


Brewers Cup -kilpailut meille sponsoroi Paulig ja Wilfa.
Voittaja lähetetään edustamaan Suomea MM-kisoihin Bostoniin!
Kilpailukatsomoon on vapaapääsy!



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